About Bill Cooper

Bill Cooper, MBA, MPA, trains managers and executives how to achieve remarkable outcomes through his unique Cooper Model of Modern Management. Leaders learn how to maximize the use of existing personnel and resources in these tough economic times to produce substantial results, cost reductions, cost avoidance, profit enhancement in the private sector, and far superior performance enhancements and management.Read More >>

What is Cooper Model?

Global corporations and law enforcement agencies use the Cooper Model for strategic planning and actionable performance measurement. The Cooper Model designs client specific programs based on real-time data collection models, and provides training and consultation on the identification, reduction, or elimination of costly business process systems. Read More >>

Consulting Services

Leading Beyond Tradition will help you and your organization maximize your capabilities and produce world class results, largely using existing resources and personnel. Bill will teach you how to achieve higher levels of performance by changing the way you think of leadership and expected results to get the outcomes you’re really looking for and needing in today’s economic climate. Read More >>


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Client Testimonials

"The Cooper Model is the solution right now. It has the versatility of being top down or bottom up. It is not the standard adaptation of police management models. It is its own powerful management model. It should be standard orientation. This model develops how to look at management of your organization with budgeting and staffing in line with the current environment. Cooper is consistent and achieves more with the resources he already has. He will show you how to better target your resources, and dramatically reduce crime and cost, without any increase in staff."

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