I have read quite a few books on business process improvement and most of them present the subject academically with most of the focus being on theory. What I appreciated most about your book is that you have taken a complex subject and utilized actual business cases to show the benefits of implementing Lean Six Sigma in every organization. My favorite line was near the end. It becomes irresponsible at some point to continue down this path without investigating every way to improve efficiency and effectiveness. In my experience organizational change is incredibly difficult to effect because many of the players have a vested interest in the current system. Creating a culture where organizational change is expected and encouraged is given lip service in many organizations without being implemented due to lack of senior management buy in. Your book simplifies the necessary steps to establish the new culture and I think most people after reading it would say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Thanks for the book. I really enjoyed it.

—-by: W Ken Klein, Arlington, WA City Council

This book encompasses thirteen chapters of how to build a world class lean model program in a very tough economy and able to thrive under many organizational reductions and strains. Bill’s book emphasizes involvement of all levels of organizations, business intelligence, predictive analytics, and value proposition to build an efficient and scalable management model. As you read this book, you will feel motivated to change the way you do business!!

—-by: Ed Pereira, Manager

You have a MAGNIFICIENT idea, process, and program there sir! As this economic status for municipalities gets worse (and it will) before it gets better, you are one of the few who actually have a plan to keep their emergency services viable. You should be in endless demand!
As the cutting/elimination of emergency services continues because of cost, these governments would do well to keep in mind something Churchill pointed out in Parliament when they were considering having the people vote about arming the country as WWll got closer. He reminded them that in a democracy, the security of the citizens is THE reason why government exists. It doesn’t need a separate vote. Everything else it does is extraneous. The city government that votes to reduce police and fire protection so that it can continue to fund welfare and the like, has in effect just voted to disenfranchise themselves. They have removed the core reason why they exist at all. We certainly need a reordering of priorities…as if you didn’t already know that!

—-by: Bob Mahoney, General Manager, Port Authority NY/NJ, FBI (ret)

Cooper has provided a book on a complex subject that removes much of the mystery and perceived complexity that roadblocks our ability to achieve positive improvements in our organizations. Cooper’s book provides the specific tools and processes necessary to achieve success in an organization that is tasked with providing a service to others. Unlike so many books written that reflect upon individual paths to success that don’t always relate to the challenges we are facing, this book is applicable to anyone who desires to achieve and succeed within any organization. The roadmap to achieving successful organizations Cooper provides in this book will work in any environment or organization. Utilizing a combination of experience and insight, Cooper provides a foundation for success that is predicated on accountability, cooperation and shared effort, and an intelligent and considered approach to fixing what ails so many organizations today.

—-by: Rob DeGroot, Chief of Police

When declining inputs (the real, identifiable causes of problems) are isolated and improved to optimal levels the output is maximized and the cost minimized.

—-by: Pete Fischer

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"The Cooper Model is the solution right now. It has the versatility of being top down or bottom up. It is not the standard adaptation of police management models. It is its own powerful management model. It should be standard orientation. This model develops how to look at management of your organization with budgeting and staffing in line with the current environment. Cooper is consistent and achieves more with the resources he already has. He will show you how to better target your resources, and dramatically reduce crime and cost, without any increase in staff."

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