What is Cooper Model

The Cooper Management Model is a system that will significantly offset the economic and resource constraints all organizations are facing. The model shows you how to counteract lower revenues and reductions in force.

Realize the power and value of combining proven business principles into one management system – Lean Six Sigma, a graphics-rich Business Intelligence Decision Support System, involving your employees or community members into acting as a force multiplier, all merged into reducing cost and improving quality and service delivery. The use of Predictive Analytics provides additional value in certain cases as well.

Describe your organization as a true value proposition, provide your competitive differentiation, show your constituents you practice performance excellence resulting in faster speed, higher quality, and lower cost – your bottom line.

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Bill Cooper

The Cooper Management Model

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Client Testimonials

"The Cooper Model is the solution right now. It has the versatility of being top down or bottom up. It is not the standard adaptation of police management models. It is its own powerful management model. It should be standard orientation. This model develops how to look at management of your organization with budgeting and staffing in line with the current environment. Cooper is consistent and achieves more with the resources he already has. He will show you how to better target your resources, and dramatically reduce crime and cost, without any increase in staff."

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